Tempish Trinity Ex, (- 40/41),

Special street skate designed for freestyle riding in skateparks, the city, parking lots, but also for inline trails etc. Skate TRINITY EX are designed for recreational, advanced and experienced skaters.Skate TRINITY EX is based on the very popular skate TRINITY. It is an improved successor. Skate was adjusted according to the requirements of experienced freestyle riders. The double champion of the Czech Republic in freestyle skating Tomas Brandejs participated in its development.Skate TRINITY EX has been improved in the following details:1. The upper buckle on the inner side of the boot has been modified - ensuring buckles were rotated of 180 and complemented by keeping the stripe along the boot.2. Skates are now equipped with higher quality wheels with enhanced durability.3. Inner liner has been modified in the central upper back part - it is now softer and easier to perform some freestyle tricks.4. Reinforcing PVC part was removed off the tongue in the upper center part, again for easier performance of some freestyle tricks and better stabilization in the central position.Stable frame gives skaters a certain support, but still provides sufficient movement freedom of the foot for all freestyle features, including the toughest ones. The frame and chassis are developed to withstand high loads during extreme skating. This set can handle all freestyle features.The instep microbuckle tightens the foot according to individual skater needs. Top-locking buckle ensures precise control of foot fixation in the upper collar of the frame.The anatomical shape of inner liner ensures skating comfort.The chassis is equipped with four RADICAL wheels providing excellent maneuverability, speed and durability.Pitch of the mounting holes on the chassis: 150,165,180 mm.Chassis length: 240 mmAxels for wheels: single sided 8 mm.Size: 38-45sizes 38-45 two middle wheels 80 mm and outer wheels 76 mm/ 85A.Lenght of inner liner:size 38 - 24,7cmsize 39 - 25,6 cmsizes 40/41 - 26,5cmsize 42 - 27,3 cmsize 43 - 28,0 cmsize 44 - 28,8 cmsize 45 - 29,4 cm
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