The unique new model of MAGIC REBEL series, the outer half of the shoe has a different color than the inner half, so it is very noticeable on the tracks! This model is focused on young people looking to differentiate themselves from the rest of skaters. Packaging also contains extra pair of colored laces for even greater individualisation option. Children adjustable skates for recreational and fitness skating. Middle and high load, for both beginners and advanced skaters. Skates have a simple and convenient size adjustment system by pushing button on the side of the frame. The boot can be set to 4 sizes.

Wheels (29-32) 64mm, (33-36) 70mm, (37-40) 72mm, (41-43) 76mm

Screw diameter 6mm, length 30 mm.

Size: 29-32, 33-36, 37-40, 41-43

Level of optimal sport loading: 3

Lenght of inner liner:

29-32: 18-20cm

33-36: 20-23cm

37-40: 23-25,5cm

41-43: 25,5-27,5cm

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